Christopher Denver | Stage Manager

Christopher Denver

Stage Manager

With 24 years of work experience, and more than 30 years since my theatrical debut as Squirrel #2 in The Littlest Christmas Tree, I bring a robust set of skills in stage management, theatre, management & leadership, operations, communications, and project management.

I care deeply about theatre and see my role as a liaison and facilitator: helping to create an emotionally and physically safe environment with the tools and resources where creators can do their best work.

My work has always been about people, process, and managing projects and priorities. All while remaining calm, cool, and collected. I’ve consistently been told that I’m a rare combo of being able to see the big picture, but also able to manage all of the details.

I love working on musicals, opera, drama, and circus arts. And, I'd love to be a part of your next project!


Recent: Julius Caesar  |  PSM  |  Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival

Recent: Rusalka and Frida and Hansel & Gretel (Summer 2019 Opera Artist Institute) | Production Director & PSM | Opera Steamboat

Upcoming: Truth & Reconciliation | Production Manager & SM | Ethan Heard, Director

Upcoming: It’s a Wonderful Life and Le nozze di Figaro and Béatrice et Bénédict (2019-2020 Season at University of Colorado, Boulder) | PSM | Eklund Opera


My Work

Theatrical Resumé

Other Professional Work

In addition to my theatrical work, I bring more than 20 years of extensive experience in the business and nonprofit world.

My strengths are demonstrated through my ability to visualize and create the big picture while still managing all of the details. I have a people-centered focus when developing a team in their current roles as they prepare for the next steps in their careers, and when communicating both internally and externally.

I’ve always operated within a fast-paced environment where there are constantly evolving priorities, and limited windows of time and resources to make it all happen. I’ve done so with a smile, have brought a sense of calm focus while maintaining a quick pace, and have guided teams through intense periods.

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Skills & Experience

  • Reading Music (30+ years)

  • Training in voice, piano, violin

  • Stage Write

  • QLab

  • Final Draft 10

  • Project Management

  • Communications Management

  • Video/Audio Transcription

Education & Training

Supplemental Training

SM Boot Camp: An Intensive Stage Management Training Course (2018)

Anne L. Hitt, AEA/AGMA

Broadway Stage Management Symposium (2019, 2018, 2017, 2016)

Matthew Stern, AEA

Undergraduate Study

University of Colorado, Boulder

Bachelor of Music, Voice Performance



You are the calm before, during, and after the storm.
— Taylor Bloom, Actor
It is rare you come across an individual who can shift between [many] hats with as much facility, but also with as much warmth, as Christopher Denver. I was struck immediately in our rehearsal process by his ability to organize a room, with both professionalism and humor. It is no simple skill to know when to lay down the law and keep an ensemble on track, and when to let the room relax and meander, but Christopher has this down to a science. As an actor in the process I felt safe and well supported; as a writer/producer thinking toward the future of our relationship, and as someone who is often asked for recommendations, I was immediately struck by wanting both to hire Christopher for my own work, and endorse him to other employers.

But perhaps more important than his ample skill set, is that Christopher absolutely loves what he does. If you talk to him about how he began in stage management, you realize this is not a job for him, but a vocation in the truest sense – a calling.
— Lynne Marie Rosenberg, Actor/Producer/Writer
[Christopher] had a calm demeanor backstage and solutions for problems I hadn’t thought of yet...he is always described as a breath of fresh air by our production staff...he brings no ego, de-escalates stress, and brings enthusiasm and care to the work...his maturity and management experience makes him a particular asset in the chaos...he has a nuanced sense of when it’s important to share his observations versus simply standby to support a solution in progress when plans need to adapt...he has always had a keen sense of the dynamics that keep machines with lots of moving parts healthy.
— Erica Linz, Cirque du Soleil artist and Founder & Artistic Director of Circus Couture
In the rehearsal room, Christopher managed a consistently smooth and orderly process for what was a consistently wild and disorderly play. He always made everyone feel safe and supported. In performance, Christopher was our secret weapon. He singlehandedly ran the board in a show with 102 light cues, 88 sound cues, and 34 projection cues, all in full view of the audience and even interacting with the cast at key points. In instances where something went wrong - say, a projector fritzing out mid-show, or a set piece deciding to rearrange itself at just the right moment - Christopher handled it calmly and gracefully, keeping the cast and audience at ease.
— Daniel McCoy, Writer/Producer/Actor

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